Would you like to make your web site more seductive ?
Give it a suggestive sound atmosphere thanks to Sexy-Sound.com !


In our catalogue we offer :

original sound atmospheres created by Sexy-sound.com for your Website.

a large choice amoug 30 sound atmospheres classified in 5 categories. The sound catalogue is updated regularly.

a competitive price
for a sound atmosphere in one unique payment (no royalties).

a free on / off player adapted to the graphic chart of your website allowing you to transmit one or several sound atmospheres.

free accompanying services :
we will give you free advice on your choice of extracts and a tool for online testing.

Would you like to use a sound atmosphere or would you like to have some advice ?

Mail : catalogue@sexy-sound.com


We compose an original and exclusive sound design based on a a schedule of conditions written by you.

We are able to compose a musical universe including several sound atmospheres.

More information :madetomeasure@sexy-sound.com


Sound Contact is an esclusive technical procedure which allows Sexy-sound.com 's clients to try out several sound atmospheres.

If you would to try out this service ans test the sound design on your site please don't hesitate to ask for a personalized demo.


We advise you on the choice of sound atmospheres for your clients Websites.

We make our tool Sound Contact (which allows you to test different sound atmospheres) available.

We supply a free on/off player adapted to the graphic charter of Website allowing to play one or several sound atmospheres : demo players


Web professionals, if you would like to integrate our services with your global offer, contact us.

Mail : partners@sexy-sound.com



Mail : philippe@sexy-sound.com

ICQ : 385 289 799

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